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How to Build the Perfect Team Building Event

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Team building events can be a powerful tool for improving workplace productivity, boosting employee morale, and strengthening team dynamics. However, creating the perfect team building event requires careful planning and execution. Where do you even start? This blog post! Keep reading to learn key strategies and best practices to help build your next team building event like a pro.


Step-by-Step Guide to Building Your Team Building Event

To create — or find — the team building event that will produce your desired outcome, whether it’s relationship-building or improving productivity and collaboration, consider these strategies:


Identify your Goals

Before you begin planning your event, it’s important to identify your goals. What specific outcomes do you want to achieve? Are you looking to improve communication and collaboration among team members, build trust, or simply have fun? When you have a clearly defined goal, you can choose a team building activity that perfectly aligns with it.


Choose the Right Venue

Selecting the right location and venue is essential to creating a successful team building event. 

Look for a location that has the necessary amenities and facilities to support your in-person team building event activities. For example, if you’re doing a cooking-based activity, you need to make sure your venue is equipped with a kitchen and cooking tools. Other events will require you to have a large open space outside, or access to tools or music, etc. Planning ahead allows you to tour a few different venues and/or spaces so you can make the right choice.

Consider these questions when searching for a venue or location for your team building event:

  • Will the activity be indoors or outdoors?
  • Can the venue accommodate the number of participants you expect?
  • Does the venue provide any additional amenities like internet, audio, or visual equipment?
  • Are there any special permits required for outdoor areas?
  • Is there sufficient parking available for employee cars or a company-hired bus service?
  • Do you need to consider weather conditions for the event?

If your team is mostly or partly remote, consider hosting a hybrid or all virtual team building event, such as:


Choose the Right Activities

The activities you choose should be fun, engaging, and relevant to your goals. Consider a mix of physical challengesproblem-solving exercises, and team-building games to keep everyone engaged and energized. 

Consider the following factors to make sure you choose the perfect team building activity for your group:

  • Objectives: First and foremost, pinpoint the objective of your team building event. Do you want to improve communication, enhance problem-solving skills, foster collaboration, bolster camaraderie, or something else entirely? Once you are clear about your goals, you can choose an activity that aligns with your objectives.
  • Team preferences and abilities: Consider your team’s age, physical abilities, personal preferences, personalities, and cultural backgrounds when selecting an activity. For example, if you have a team of introverts, you may want to consider activities that are less high-energy and more introspective.
  • Time and budget: Determine how much time you have and the budget available for the team building activity. Some activities may require more time, resources, and planning than others.
  • Feedback and research: Research and gather feedback from colleagues or employees who have participated in similar activities in the past. 
  • Industry and company culture: Consider your industry and company culture when selecting an activity. Some industries may require more formal or structured activities, while others may favor more creative and unconventional approaches.

It’s also important to consider whether all of your participants will be attending in person or if any/most/all will be joining virtually. The best events for in-person team building include:


Schedule Strategically

 Schedule the event at a time that is convenient for all participants, and that aligns with the objectives of your event.


Foster a Positive Atmosphere

The atmosphere of your event can make a big difference in its success. Create a positive, inclusive environment where everyone feels comfortable and valued. Encourage open communication, active listening, and respect for different perspectives. Avoid activities that could make people feel uncomfortable or excluded.


Encourage Reflection and Feedback

After each activity, take time to reflect as a group. What worked well? What could be improved? Encourage everyone to share their thoughts and feedback. This can help build trust and improve communication among team members while also letting you know what your objectives should be for the next team building event activity.


Team Building Nation® Can Help

Ready to plan the perfect team building activity? Let Team Building Nation® help! Our experienced team building experts can help you choose and customize the right activity for your team’s unique needs, goals, and preferences. Contact us today to learn more and get started on building a stronger, more connected team! Let us handle the heavy lifting doing what we’re best at — building events that connect teams.

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