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Seasonal Team Building Events

The change of seasons ushers in an opportunity to experience team building programs more adaptable to the current weather conditions, geographical location and time of year. This section features outdoor activities during the spring and summer such as Team Olympics, City iHunt and Team Survivor as well as holiday themed events during the Fall and Winter: Charity Toy Donation, Charity Wagon Build and many more.

A fully finished and cellophane wrapped toy donation wagon
Get into the spirit of giving with Charity Toy Donation. This philanthropic event combines fun team building activities with the...
A group of men posing with a Radio Flyer wagon full of toys for a charity event.
With Charity Wagon Build, your group will build and gift bright red Radio Flyer wagons, stuffed animals and books to...
A group of people posing with teddy bears built for Rock n Tots.
Rock n’ Tots is a philanthropic event where your team will build and decorate rocking chairs and rocking horses as well as...
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