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We are always on the lookout for talented individuals and organizations to team up with. If you are a super creative program designer, corporate instructor or facilitator, DMC or Planner, a potential charity partner, an exceptional venue for corporate meetings and outings, an events industry blog writer or have other talents related to the team building world, we have lots to talk about.

Super-Creative Program Writers

We are always looking for inspiration when creating new programs. Sometimes that comes from within the confines of our company walls, sometimes from our client’s ideas, and sometimes it’s by forming an alliance with industry experts looking to collaborate and create new programs.

Corporate Instructors or Facilitators

Every facilitator’s background contributes to their program expertise and each activity, in most cases, requires specific facilitator or instructor experience. If you are an effective communicator, demonstrate unwavering positivity, energetic, mechanically inclined, seasoned emcee-host or technically savvy we should talk.

DMCs | Planners

Team Building Nation® is a team building program provider to DMC’s and Planners from all over North America and across the globe. These organizations know their geography and clients and more importantly, know how they want to see their events come to life. We welcome their ideas and expertise and even offer special opportunities for discounting based on the reoccurring event bookings. If you are a DMC or Planner let’s chat!

Charity Organizations

With Team Building Nation®’s focus on CSR and Charitable programs it’s no wonder our relationships with our charity partners are essential to what we do every day. Our clients fully support our charity partners by way of their generous donations all year long, and in turn, our charity partners elevate our events with their presence during the activities, program wrap-up and post event acknowledgments.


Our relationships with our venue partners are essential and have been mutually beneficial. Often our clients are looking for an exceptional venue to hold their team building events at and we are able to make the connection. In turn, when clients ask our venue partners for a reputable team building company well –  our phone rings. Magic!

Guest Blog Writers or Contributors

You have deep events or team building experience and are a creative thinker with a winning idea for a meaningful blog. You know your target audience and what you want to offer to your readers and customers and what topics might offer them value. If this describes you, feel free to contact us for a proper introduction.



A collage of people making faces, bringing together remote teams in a video.

Bringing Remote Teams Together

Who says team building can only happen in the office? This remote group had a fantastic time participating in a Virtual Price it Rite game show program! To find out more about our virtual team building programs, click here:

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