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Philanthropic Passion

Our team has always found the most satisfying and rewarding programs to design, test and deliver are those of a Philanthropic nature. From witnessing the smiles on the faces of kids receiving their very own bicycle, to helping American Veterans with mobility challenges receive much needed wheelchairs, to knowing Alzheimer’s patients will become more engaged when listening to music on donated digital devices, we are happy to collaborate with our clients as they leave their mark on local communities everywhere.

We Aim to Make a Difference...

Targeted Design

We are confident that our approach to program design will continue to produce unique charitable events into the future. Rather than focusing on donation items and then finding a non-profit organization for them – we take an opposite approach. We coordinate with charity partners to create programs based on the donation items currently most needed thereby making the most positive impact.

Above and Beyond

Rather than supplying the exact quantity of donation items called for at each event, Team Building Nation® will intentionally over supply donation items for all applicable Charitable programs. In addition to serving as an assurance that every program is adequately stocked with needed tools and supplies, over the course of a year, our company, in the name of our clients, makes a significant donation as well.


We pledge, as a company, to take part in organizing and executing a semi-annual plan of community activism. Along with the participation of all of our employees and neighborhood contacts, Team Building Nation® will engage in various do-good initiatives –  playground and beach cleanups, painting projects, food bank staffing, gardening projects, Habitat for Humanity support and more!


A Few of Our Charity Partners...

We are proud of the relationships we have built over the years with our charity partners who do their part to ensure every event is successful, including YOURS!

Thousands of Donation Items Per Year...

Each year, our innovative Charitable team building programs, have helped clients achieve their CSR goals by facilitating the donations of thousands of these items to local communities everywhere! 

Want your program to benefit a favorite charity?

Let's put our "Giveback Engineers" to work for you.