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A group of people sharing a singular passion: in our case, team unity!

Our Team is composed of professionals who rise to meet every challenge with a can-do attitude. We strongly believe in the importance of what we offer, so in addition to working hard to ensure the success of your program, a few times a year, we hit the road to work side-by-side on a program together to strengthen our own team—team building is important for all of us!

Our Team

Ray A.

Founder and CEO, Program Designer, Sales Support, Senior Facilitator

Melissa V.

Director of National Accounts, Operations Support

Nicole A.

Website Development, Social Media, Facilitator

Roger P.

Webmaster, SEO, Marketing Support

Lisa E.

Program Designer, Senior Facilitator, Website Contributor

Isabelle A.

Sales, Marketing Support

Phil V.

Senior Facilitator, Program Designer

David C.

Program Designer, Special Fabrication Projects

Anthony A.

Tech Program Designer

Christine W.

Event Support Team

Eric N.

Senior Facilitator

Betty C.

Website Contributor, Graphic Artist, Photographer

Joe P.

Large Group Logistics Manager, Licensed to Drive Everything!

Indy T.

Senior Facilitator

Mitch F.

Facilitator, Event Support Team

Rosanne P.

Event Support Team

Schmae J.

Event Support Team

Thien T.

Event Support Team

Our Vision

“Improving the effectiveness of your team through fun, meaningful team building activities.”

May We Always Try To Do The Right Thing

When you are successful so are we! Integrity and professionalism are paramount to us. We will always work to our fullest capacity to ensure the your outcomes are met and conduct ourselves with honesty, transparency and open communication in our daily work and personal lives.

May We Always Keep Getting Better

We emphasize quality programming through the continuous development of people and processes and are always on the lookout to adopt new developing technologies for our industry. Our internal systems constantly evolve to ensure that every detail is handled to your satisfaction.

May It Always Be Fun

Research shows that people learn better when they are feeling strong positive emotions and are more likely to try new things if their work environment is fun. From the very first discovery call with a client and until we deliver their program, our staff members try to inject a bit of genuine fun, humor and excitement into their part of the process.

Our Team Making It Happen...

Q & A With The CEO

Ray Assanti

CEO/FOUNDER - Team Building Nation, LLC

Since early in his career, Ray has helped usher new, innovative programs and the methodology to deliver them to groups of any size producing amazing results for many Fortune 500 global organizations. When you’re looking for the absolute best partner for corporate team building activities, give “Nation” a shout!

While attending Northeastern University in Boston, I became involved in organizing student social events. One thing led to another and I was drawn into the DJ world. From there, many requests by corporate clients for entertainment at holiday parties, summer company outings, team competitions, Olympic challenges and game shows led to offering a full menu of team building activities.

Visit the Kids, Travel the World, Learn about different cultures, Listen/Collect music, Rock n’ Roll Concerts, Photography, Daily Work Out, Play Soccer, Coach Soccer, Watch Soccer, Playoff Hockey, Mom’s Italian Food, Cooking, Swimming Pools, sample Local Beer!

I have conceptualized and created team building programs that have made a real impact on the business and many communities across the country. Examples: Wheelchairs for Veterans, Rollators for the Disabled, STEM Kits for Kids, Game Shows for Large Groups, Care Package programs for Alzheimer Patients and more.

The ability to listen to clients ideas and desired outcomes and adapt our delivery to meet their goals. A little inside information: many new team building programs hitting the marketplace are developed this way!

What is your life’s biggest achievement?
I am most proud of my four kids and my fantastic grand daughter. Each of them different from one another but equally brilliant in my eyes. Three of them are UF Gator Alumni’s and the fourth is on his way… 

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