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Spring Events

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Ready to spring into action? It’s the first month of spring, and we all know exactly what that brings: March Madness, flowers in bloom, and a re-introduction to outside after a long winter. Check out our featured programs for the season with in-person, virtual, charitable, and culinary team building activities that will build stronger, happier teams. We’ve got a program for every team and team size. Whether you’re gearing up for St. Patrick’s Day or searching for something to keep the camaraderie from Employee Appreciation Day going – there’s a program to help you and your team achieve its goals.


Wheelchair Build

Charity Wheelchair Build​ is a fun and unique give-back program that helps individuals with mobility challenges. Did you know we make it a full team experience by engaging your participants in trivia, photo, and video challenges to earn the tools, parts, and supplies needed to build a wheelchair? Not only do you get to build the wheelchair, but you also get to have fun decorating it! With just a few parts and screws, your team will be on their way to improving the lives of Veterans and other people with mobility issues. Raise awareness and become change makers with this program.​


Bike Build

Do you have memories of riding your bike as a kid? The feeling of freedom and joy as you flew down a hill at full speed is one that many of us hold dear. But not every child has the opportunity to experience the joy of riding a bike. That’s where our Charity Bike Build comes in.

This team-building activity is designed to help children in need experience the thrill of riding a bike. By participating in our Charity Bike Build, you and your team can make a meaningful difference in the lives of children in your community.

Survey Says

Ever wanted to stand next to a celebrity and answer a fun or quirky question? Survey Says pulls you into the hilarious action that pits your teams against one another. Our host will throw out funny quips and jabs to keep participants and the crowd entertained. Sound effects and visuals keep everything interesting and fun. If you’ve ever wanted to stand next to Ray Combs or Richard Karn, but never got the chance this is the perfect program for you!


Team Olympics

Every four years the finest athletes in the world meet up to compete and solidify their place as one of the greats. Our Team Olympics pits your teams head-to-head in this fun program. You and your team don’t have to wait four years to find out who’s the best, and you won’t have to train year-round. It’ll just be fun in the sun and tons of lasting memories. It’s time to discover your workplace champions!


Salsa and Guacam-OLÉ

Ready for a zesty kick? Get things started with this great icebreaker and enjoy chips and guac with teammates. Great for teams of any size. Teams will enjoy the thrill of seeing who can get the best onion and tomato chop, then have their guacamole rated by the esteemed judges. Every team member is a key participant when salsa and guac are involved!


Trivia Pursuit

Test your teams trivia knowledge with our virtual version of the classic board game! Trivia Pursuit puts your team up against one another for some fact-filled fun. Showcase your team’s knowledge  in a wide variety of subjects led by your host. A perfect way to unwind after a long day of meetings and standups.


Team building programs are a great way to foster camaraderie and improve communication among team members. From outdoor activities such as food trucks and olympiads to indoor activities such as scavenger hunts and cooking classes, there are a variety of programs available to fit every team’s interests and needs. By investing in team building events, companies can help build stronger, more productive teams and ultimately boost their bottom line. So, consider contacting us today for one of these team building programs for your next company outing, and watch as your team grows stronger and more cohesive.


Contact Team Building Nation® today to learn more about our customized team building activities, virtual events, and corporate retreats for businesses of all sizes.

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