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Team Building—Now More Than Ever!

Virtual Team Building

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During this global pandemic, it’s been necessary to find new ways to conduct business. Remote workers and virtual meetings are currently the new norms. Working remote means the need for team building is even greater and thankfully, we can help bring your team together, virtually. Check out some of our most popular virtual team building activities:


Virtual Survey Says

Are your teams up for the challenge of playing this fun online version of America’s game? Modeled after the classic TV show, Survey Says is one of the most popular interactive team building activities flaunting real game show visuals and sound effects coordinated by a lively host via your preferred streaming platform.

Following a “Feud” format, hilarious survey style questions are used to entertain your group during a casual work break or as part of a team building session encouraging employee engagement and networking. Read More By Clicking Here…


Virtual Team Yoga Flow

Take a moment to connect with your body, mind, and breath so you can return to work feeling fresh as a TEAM! Sitting for long periods of time can take a toll on our bodies; we lose circulation, flexibility, and strength.

Through this 60 minute yoga practice, we can counteract the side-effects of hours spent sitting at a desk, improve our physical well-being, and reignite our ability to focus. Read More By Clicking Here…


Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Indulge your sense of adventure with our Virtual Scavenger Hunt!

This playful and engaging program will energize your group, and provide a much-needed break from their daily routine while giving them lots to laugh and talk about.

It’s an opportunity for each guest to fully participate and for their unique personalities to shine. Read More By Clicking Here…


Virtual DISC 2.0

Maximize the talent on your team with a Virtual DISC 2.0 Workshop! DISC is a highly validated, user-friendly behavior model that explains why people do what they do!

Now, more than ever, enhancing communication and connection with your team is an essential service. Virtual DISC 2.0 will help you reduce misunderstandings and conflicts, improve teamwork, and enhance overall performance. Read More By Clicking Here…

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