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Using Team Building to Help With Recruitment, Retention and Relationship-Building

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As the United States undergoes a labor shortage, more and more employees are “quiet quitting,” and the effects of the “Great Resignation” in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic are still being felt. It’s time for employers to get serious about their recruitment, retention and relationship-building efforts.

The good news is that team building is here to help! Team building activities are fun, resourceful, engaging and even charitable ways to get your employees to connect, let loose and recharge to foster strong relationships and a positive employee culture. Keep reading to learn more.

How Team Building Helps Recruit, Retain and Engage with Employees

Getting out of the office and into an engaging, interactive and fun setting does wonders for boosting creativity and collaboration, helping employees get out of ruts and building your overall workplace culture. By working together in  teams, your employees will get to know one another outside of the traditional office setting and form long-lasting relationships that will make them feel more comfortable collaborating at work and addressing any concerns head-on. This prevents the all-too-often passive-aggressive toxic office culture that stems from employees not getting the chance to bond with one another. This kind of collaborative and open environment will bring employees closer together and create a sense of belonging, discouraging the inclination to look elsewhere for work.

Today’s workforce wants to be employed by companies with purpose who stand up for what they believe in and give back to the community. Using charity team building as part of your recruitment and retention efforts is an excellent way to show your potential and current employees, as well as the public, that you are truly committed to giving back.

Team Building Activities to Recruit and Retain Employees

Now we’ll take a look at some popular team building activities provided by Team Building Nation to help you provide an engaging environment for your employees to decompress, have some fun and connect with one another:

Team Olympics

Who doesn’t love the Olympics? This entertaining event is sure to motivate and excite your team.

The Team Olympics relay races are designed to ensure that everyone in the group can take part in the events while also letting participants choose their own comfort level when it comes to the physicality of the games.

You can host Team Olympics indoors or outdoors and for different group sizes –  up to 2,000 people!

Team Olympics provides the following benefits for the workplace:

  • Provides a fun and engaging setting for employee interaction.
  • Reinforces the importance of communication.
  • Allows team members to get to know each other on a deeper level.
  • Highlights the value of teamwork.

Charity Bike Build

Get your charity team building on with Team Building Nation®’s Charity Bike Build! This program brings joy into the lives of deserving children by gifting them shiny new bicycles assembled by your team members.

To participate in this activity, participants use Team Building Nation®’s iHunt® app to solve exciting photo, video and trivia clues to earn the tools, bike parts, helmets and locks necessary to complete the build.

Your employees will build bikes for kids between the ages of 6-10, with the option to build tricycles for ages 1-5 or 26-inch cruisers for kids ages 13+.

What better way to give back to the community while having employees bond over a common mission than with a Charity Bike Build activity? Your employees will benefit from the following by participating in this activity:

  • The goodwill of knowing they are giving back.
  • Taking part in some friendly competition for a good cause.
  • Networking with their fellow employees.
  • Stressing the importance of teamwork to work toward a common goal.

Virtual Team Yoga Flow

This is a virtual team building activity, meaning it provides the perfect opportunity for remote employees to reap the same workplace-boosting benefits as in-person team building activities.

Give your employees the gift of taking a moment to connect with their body, mind, and breath so they can return to work feeling reinvigorated.

Through this 60-minute yoga practice, your group can counteract the side effects of hours spent sitting at a desk, improve their physical well-being and reignite their ability to focus.

Yoga has powerful brain-boosting effects, can prevent burnout and increase productivity in the workplace! Take advantage of these benefits while also providing your employees with the following:

  • An engaging and relaxing interaction to let down their guard and build relationships without the stresses or pressures of the workplace.
  • A fun and motivating activity.
  • An exercise that they can use in their daily lives at work and at home.
  • Learning techniques to quickly de-stress that they can do at their desk or accomplish in a quick break away from work.

Team Building Nation Can Help

Whether you’re looking for a virtual, in-person or hybrid team building event, Team Building Nation® is here for you. Our wide range of team building activities makes it possible for you to find the event that will resonate most with your team, helping them to connect and recharge in order to come back to work with purpose, feeling ignited to take on challenges. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our team building activities and how to get started on a custom proposal.

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