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The Importance of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) During the Pandemic

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The coronavirus pandemic is changing nearly every aspect of the corporate world. Offices remain vacant as employees work from home. Hazard pay is going to grocery store workers. Marketing experts are pushing budgets and campaigns toward thanking and praising medical workers. More businesses than ever are focusing on their online presence. The way we make money is changing. During all this change, however, companies must focus on more than their profits.

The pandemic is highlighting the need for companies to commit to the “triple bottom line” — a philosophy that the well-being of people and the planet should matter just as much as profits. Making this commitment during good times is a way for companies to distinguish themselves from the competition. During times like this pandemic, efforts to balance the triple bottom line and emphasize a commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a necessity to show the communities your business serves that you are part of their community.

The key to a successful CSR effort is identifying a need within the community and fulfilling that need. Many companies do this through cash donations. While there is nothing wrong with a cash donation to charity, it does lack a personal touch. It also robs your company of opportunities to engage in team-building exercises, generate positive press, and truly display your commitment to solving problems in your community. Team Building Nation is a company dedicated to helping your company do meaningful CSR projects while engaging your staff and the community.

Team Building Nation accomplishes this through creative group activities geared toward helping others. Some of these activities are hands-on opportunities for your staff to work together to build something tangible. A few examples are our charity bike build, charity wheelchair build, and music for Alzheimer’s programs. In each of these programs, we divide your staff into teams that must work together to solve interactive photo, video and word puzzles. Each time they solve a puzzle, they get a piece of the product they are building. This could be a bicycle handlebar, a wheelchair tire, or headphones for a music player. Once they solve all the puzzles, they can then assemble the item and donate it to charity.

Want something a little more wacky? Try Team Building Nation’s mini-golf and give! The program tasks teams to build a creative mini-golf hole using nonperishable food items. After each team completes their hole, let everyone play the course and vote on who built the best hole. At the end of the day, donate all the food items used to build the holes to a worthy food pantry or homeless shelter.

Team Building Nation also has programs that are out-of-the-box ways to raise money while also raising your brand awareness. This includes a charity game show. Using the latest visuals and props, your office becomes the set of “Family Feud” and your departments duke it out to be champion. Winners get a medal and a giant endorsed check to present to a charity.

All the CSR programs Team Building Nation offers provide multiple benefits to the companies using them — because we understand one of the biggest hurdles to balancing a triple bottom line is time. That’s why we’ve designed these programs to give you more bang for your buck. If you’re going to spend the day helping your community, you might as well make it a team building exercise too. During this pandemic, when more people need help than ever and office staff are interacting less than ever, the Team Building Nation two-birds-one-stone approach is an investment you won’t regret.

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