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How Virtual Team Building Can Help Keep Employees Engaged

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How Virtual Team Building Can Help Keep Employees Engaged– Even from Home.

In the wake of the COVID-19 global pandemic, the world experienced a huge shift to working remotely in 2020. It’s a trend that experts expect to continue.

Though working from home (WFH) has a host of benefits, including more flexibility and decreased costs for office space and supplies for employers, it can also lead to isolation and stress. There are also concerns that the lack of enjoyable encounters with co-workers could hinder creativity and reduce team cohesion. This means that team building is more vital than ever. But, how do you provide creative team building exercises when the team can’t be in the same physical location?

Benefits of Team Building

  • Increased employee engagement
  • Improved communication
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved employee morale
  • Increased motivation
  • Creativity boosted
  • Increased camaraderie, closer relationships
  • Increased brainstorming
  • Increased confidence levels
  • Improved mental health

Virtual Team Building

How Can Virtual Team Building Keep Employees Engaged

Team building is an excellent way to bring employees together, allowing them to collaborate while letting their hair down. With fun activities, they can get to know their co-workers in a different setting than the workplace. Team building boosts employee engagement and leads to increased employee loyalty, which is essential for business success and development. When employees are engaged, they are enthusiastic and motivated about their work and remain committed to the success of the company. Coming up with virtual team building activities can be challenging. But, the good news is, Team Building Nation is here for you. We offer 60+ team building activities to engage your group.

Keeping Employees Engaged With Virtual Socializing Team Building Activities

In days past, employees could gather around the watercooler or communal office coffee pot and participate in some office chit chat with co-workers. This allows co-workers to get to know one another by chatting about their families and interests outside of work, sharing ideas, and overall feeling connected. Though we can’t do the in-person coffee chats because of COVID-19, you can schedule a weekly or monthly virtual coffee chat with your team. Have employees grab a cup of Joe and hop on Zoom for an unstructured, friendly chat. You can also use the virtual coffee hour as a way to conduct a more structured meeting/brainstorming session with a bit of a laid-back feel. These coffee chats can take place in teams, small groups, by the department or with the entire company. While on the coffee chat, why not throw another team building activity into the mix? Use our virtual team building page to learn about activities that are tested and true to double up on team building.

Keeping Employees Engaged Through Virtual Innovation and Collaboration

Even in separate locations, employees can still collaborate and create innovative ideas. In fact, a group setting is a vital component of collaboration. Participation in team building fun activities brings employees closer, and as a result, they are more creative. Providing team building activities for employees is even more important when working remotely because they don’t have the chance to talk and collaborate as easily as they did when they worked in the office together. Find virtual team building activities that promote collaboration by clicking here.

Keeping Employees Engaged Through Improved Problem-Solving Abilities

Being stressed out because they can’t solve a problem leads to no engagement or productivity. Virtual team building activities that help improve employee problem-solving abilities can serve as a reminder to employees that everything can be solved, but for some harder problems, relying on their team is the only way for success.

Keeping Employees Engaged by Generating Passion for Work

Let’s face it; it can become pretty easy to lose passion for work and projects when employees sit alone in their home office five days a week. This is where team building comes in as a way to restore employee enthusiasm for what they do. When you keep employees engaged in virtual team building activities, you provide a way to ensure employees still participate with the rest of the workforce and avoid slipping into a state of not caring and no longer being interested. Talking and collaborating virtually via team building with co-workers who share the same passion is a surefire way to boost employee engagement.

Team building is critical for employee engagement and an overall healthy and happy office culture. Though it may be a bit more challenging to conduct team building activities during COVID, with a little creativity and commitment from all, it’s possible. Contact us today to learn more about our arsenal of 60+ virtual team building activities.

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