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Our Newest Virtual Event: Virtual Murder Mystery!

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Check out our newest program, Virtual Murder Mystery, where your team can work together to solve a whodunit scenario by interrogating the actors themselves! Read more about our this virtual program below:


Virtual Murder Mystery

The plot:
The reading of the will of Will Reading doesn’t go exactly as planned… or does it? Join us as we dive into the intrigue surrounding a Vegan Lifestyle guru – his friends, his family, and his secrets. Everyone is a suspect in this virtual, interactive whodunit.
Here’s the event breakdown:
  • Action begins with our actors setting the stage of the will reading
  • Our actors welcome the group and give insights into the story
  • Guests have an opportunity to interrogate the suspects
  • The group is divided into teams and sent to breakout rooms to deliberate
  • The group is then brought back in to the main room to deliver their theories
  • Denouement of the drama unfolds and the mystery is revealed
  • The winning team is awarded bragging rights as the “whodunit champions”

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