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Get Your Teams Outside This Fall to Have Some Fun!

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The cooler weather is finally here! Let’s get your teams outside this Fall to have some fun and form deeper connections while exploring important sites and landmarks. Using our iHunt® technology, our “Game Engineers” will design a custom scavenger hunt of any city, venue or theme that includes engaging quests, pop-up missions, trivia, photo challenges and more.  Team Building Nation delivers the opportunity for the iHunt® experience virtually as well as for hybrid teams. Check out some of our most popular iHunt® activities:



City iHunt®

Tired of being confined to a meeting room? Our City iHunt® has you covered! Whether you’ve spent your whole life in a city or are visiting for the first time, this program will allow your group to experience the city you’re in and engage them in a unique, interactive tourism experience. Read more by clicking here…


Action Adventure iHunt®

We know you. You’re competitive… and active. Search no more! Our Action Adventure iHunt® is for you! Celebrate your group’s competitive nature while bringing them together in solidarity toward a specific goal.  Read more by clicking here…


Taste of the Town iHunt®

Fun, team building and food?!? That’s our Taste of the Town iHunt® culinary experience in a nutshell. Celebrate your group’s love of local food, drink and cuisine while bringing them together in a shared experience that is sure to forge bonds that will endure for years to come. Read more by clicking here…


Virtual Team iHunt®

Fun quests. Team challenges. Pop-up missions. Play like a kid again with our Virtual Team iHunt®! This creative, multi-layered experience will have your group competing, collaborating and laughing hysterically. Read more by clicking here…

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