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Group of team members playing charity mini golf

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Check out our newest program, Charity Mini Golf: Animal Shelter Donation, where your group will put your teamwork and creativity to the test by building your own golf hole out of pet supplies and construction materials!

Here’s the event breakdown:
🎉 A fun icebreaker activity led by our facilitator will get your team energized
🎉 After activity instructions, teams will have a group meeting to delegate tasks and put together their ideas
🎉 Teams bring their ideas to life as they construct their holes with the supplies given
🎉 All groups play an exciting game of golf while admiring each other’s work
🎉 Teams are scored and gold medals are awarded to the winning group
🎉 Animal supplies are loaded into boxes and donated to a local animal shelter!


Learn more about Charity Mini Golf: Animal Shelter Donation and our other charitable events by visiting the link below:

Click here to view our new program page!

Click here to view more of our charitable events!


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