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Collegiate Olympics

Collegiate Olympics Intended for a college or university setting, these high-energy relay races are designed to allow everybody in the group to participate while being entertained and engaged. Our philosophy of “Challenge by Choice” offers participants the ability to determine their own level of physical participation while remaining fully engaged throughout the event. Collegiate Olympics …

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STEM Backpacks for Kids

STEM Backpacks for Kids Helping to promote STEM learning (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics), STEM Backpacks for Kids represents one of the most essential corporate give-back programs in high demand today. This event helps to ensure children have the school/STEM supplies needed to succeed in their education. Utilizing our iHunt® app, participants solve exciting photo, video …

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Music for Alzheimer’s

Music for Alzheimer’s Give the gift of personalized music players and headphones to patients with Alzheimer’s! Listening to favorite music or songs associated with important personal events can trigger memories and experiences connected to the music in these patients. The event kicks off with a music-themed icebreaker, followed by a showing of the documentary, “Alive …

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Icebreakers All Day

Icebreakers All Day Icebreakers All Day helps your group through the process of warming up to each other in a friendly game-like atmosphere. This series of high-energy get-to-know-activities introduces participants to one another and promotes communication, cooperation and teamwork. This program is usually facilitated as a number of short exercises in between your meeting sessions. …

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Emotional Intelligence 2.0

Emotional Intelligence 2.0 IQ or EQ? Which is more important? A survey by CareerBuilder revealed that, “71 percent of employers say they value emotional intelligence over IQ.” So…what is emotional intelligence? EI is about recognizing and managing one’s own emotions and the emotions of others, and allowing us to see the world from a different perspective. …

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DISC 2.0

DISC 2.0 Maximize the talent on your team with a DISC Workshop! DISC is a highly-validated, user-friendly behavior model that explains why people do what they do! Now more than ever, enhancing communication and connection with your team is an essential service. DISC will help you reduce misunderstandings and conflicts, improve teamwork, and enhance overall performance. …

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Virtual Team iHunt®

Virtual Team iHunt® Fun quests. Team challenges. Pop-up missions. Play like a kid again with our Virtual Team iHunt®!  This creative, multi-layered experience will have your group competing, collaborating and laughing hysterically. A proven crowd-pleaser, Virtual Team iHunt® works as a creative break from a long day of meetings, a morale booster for your hard-working …

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Tapas and Sangria Challenge

Tapas and Sangria Challenge Spice up your team’s evening with this food and beverage challenge direct from Spain! Your group creates tapas – small savory dishes of Spanish cuisine – and sangria – a Spanish drink of wine mixed with fruit, spices and more! Results from a quick opening round of Spanish trivia determines the …

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Salsa and Guacam-OLÉ

Salsa and Guacam-OLÉ Your team is sure to enjoy this fun culinary challenge where groups create their winning versions of salsa and guacamole (margaritas optional.) The Team Experience: An exciting opening icebreaker leads to ranking of teams later used to select limited ingredients at the “marketplace” Duties are delegated within teams to create their salsa, …

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Mini Golf and Give

Mini Golf and Give This event surely brings out your group’s artistic ability and golf skills by having teams compete to build the most creative and playable golf hole out of non-perishable canned goods and construction materials. Once the holes are built, the fun begins. The teams put the mini golf course to the test …

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