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A person in a yellow raincoat taking a picture with a camera on a Polaroid Art Hunt.
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Polaroid Art Hunt

Using the nostalgic Polaroid instant camera, groups take creative team photos while following clues that help them navigate to important sights and landmarks. Our “Game Engineers” will design a custom scavenger hunt for your group for any city or venue you choose to explore.

Teams are also challenged to find answers to local trivia questions and gather small souvenirs along the way. At the ending location, the laughter continues with the viewing of all the photos, the sharing of individual team accomplishments and the announcement of the winning team.

The Team Experience:

  • Kickoff begins with a lively and effective opening activity
  • Team leaders are chosen and bandanas distributed for team identification
  • Armed with a Polaroid camera, backpack and clipboard, teams race away from the starting location following clues, taking team pictures and exploring their surroundings
  • After engaging in some fun competition, teams return at a designated time and ending location such as a restaurant, bar or ballroom
  • Teams now create their “greatest hits” picture collage and take a local trivia test
  • Next, they mingle, eat, drink, and visit each other’s collages – laughter ensues
  • Grand finale includes an exciting awards ceremony complete with gold medals for the winning team
A group of people sitting around a table.

The success of your event is our top priority. To ensure a positive outcome, program modifications may be made based on variables such as group size, space limitations, timeframe, etc.

Event Details
Event Outcomes
  • Networking

  • Togetherness

  • Fun And Motivation

  • Creativity

What’s Included

Pricing varies depending upon the number of participants and includes professional facilitation, program design, and all production coordination. 

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Success Stories From Our Clients...
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Thanks again “Nation” for a fantastic session. It was great to get to know each other with such a fun and challenging event. The entire team participated in Igniting Peak Performance enthusiastically. Starting out as a pure competition and then to see the finale where teams worked together to beat the overall time was outstanding! The biggest takeaway from the activity today was that teams sharing best practices and working together elevate each other!
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Many thanks for an exciting and meaningful Charity Wheelchair Build. Our management team was thrilled with the entire event. You guys really hit it out of the park! I’ve had nothing but positive feedback from our attendees. The iPad photos and videos really show what a great experience this was. Truly Appreciative!
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Our leadership team held our first face to face in over three years. Ray and the Team Building Nation team facilitated a Bike Build charity event that was unforgettable. The energy in the room with the different activities on the iPad were awesome and engaging. The icing on the cake was being able to hear from the local charity group that received the bikes.
Lexus USA
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Virtual Survey Says was a hoot. It was great to take a break from our daily online meetings and have some fun. Everybody enjoyed being able to participate in the game and things got really competitive with our sales team. We’ll be back for more soon, please send other program options for our group.
Fidelity Investments
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The Bike Build program was an excellent activity for our group and it was executed wonderfully. We had a tight timeline but your team kept everything on schedule. Thanks for arranging members of the Boys & Girls Club to accept the bike donation. It was a great wrap up to a great event!
DAV Orange, CA
Read More
Thanks for your hard work and kindness towards other people. What you do for VETS is very special and the Chapter 23 DAV in Orange appreciates everything you do for us. Looking forward to working with you in the future!
Chase Bank
Read More
Wanted to pass along that your facilitator was really great! She kept everyone laughing and having a great time during the entire session. In It To Win It was the perfect ending to a busy day online and it really helped the team to de-stress for an hour or so. Job well done!
Liberty Mutual
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We are so glad we chose “Nation” and the Bike Building activity. It was great that our in-house team and our remote employees around the country were all able to participate in the event. We typically give back to local charities but putting the bikes together made everyone feel more involved. Feedback was great!
Reva Foster Care
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Words cannot express how thankful the Senior Center and community was to receive the 65 new assembled wheelchairs. The appreciation comments are still coming in regarding your generosity to a population that lives on a fixed income and need help.
Perkin Elmer
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Operation Military Care was a big hit and really well organized. From beginning to end it felt upbeat and engaging. Rock, Paper, Scissors was a blast and the iPad challenges were tons of fun! Our facilitator was fantastic and we will be having him back soon! Our group loved it!
BASF Corporation
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I can’t thank you guys enough for a well executed program. The Virtual Team iHunt event was just what we needed to break things up a bit and reenergize our group. It was hilarious seeing the pictures and videos taken during the event of everyone scavenging in and around their houses. Thanks for a good time!
DAV Los Angeles
Read More
Team Building Nation was a real pleasure to work with. Very professional company. Their commitment to help veterans in need is 100%. Thank you Ray for all you and your staff does.
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